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Roofing Contractors Rosemount MN Gear Up for Seasonal Weather Fluctuations

With over two decades of experience, Elite Exteriors has made a name for itself by building on a foundation of trust among its customers and community, guided by the tenets of Family, Fitness, Finance, and Faith. Based in Apple Valley, MN (Dakota County)–nearby Rosemount, MN– Elite Exteriors communicates, educates, and guides customers in neighborhoods throughout southeast Minnesota, through every detail of their roofing, siding, and gutter system needs. The company’s customer service and workmanship quality is the best in the business. Elite Exteriors uses only top quality products and offers their solutions at a fair price.

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Our Local Knowledge Leads to Long Lasting Workmanship

Did you know that Rosemount and most of Minnesota is within a continental climate zone? Here, as we all know, there are significant temperature variations between seasons, and our exterior home and building surfaces are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions that can accelerate wear and tear, as well as incur sudden damage from high winds and hail.

Proper roof and siding material selection and installation is crucial to preventing moisture intrusion and insulating a home against extreme heat and cold. And of all roofing contractors Rosemount MN has, Elite Exteriors has the team that can do the job excellently.

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Rosemount Roofing is Exposed to These Conditions

Key weather conditions in a continental climate can have adverse effects on roofs and other exterior surfaces:

Extreme Temperature Swings

Continental climates often experience hot summers and extremely cold winters. These temperature swings can cause building materials to expand and contract, leading to cracks and gaps in the building envelope. Proper insulation and sealing are essential to prevent air leakage and moisture intrusion caused by these fluctuations.

Freezing and Thawing Cycles

In winter, freezing temperatures can cause any moisture that has penetrated the building envelope to freeze and expand. This can result in damage to materials like concrete, masonry, and wood. Proper insulation and moisture barriers are necessary to mitigate this effect.

Heavy Snowfall

Minnesota is known for heavy snowfall in winter. Snow and ice accumulation on roofs can lead to structural damage if not managed properly. Ice dams can form, causing water to back up under shingles and leak into the building. Adequate insulation, ventilation, and regular snow removal are essential to prevent these issues.

Winter Precipitation

In addition to snow, freezing rain and sleet are common in continental climates. These forms of precipitation can create ice buildup on exterior surfaces, which can be damaging and hazardous. Properly designed drainage systems and weather-resistant materials can help mitigate these issues.

Heat and Sun Exposure

Summers in continental climates can be hot, and prolonged exposure to high temperatures and intense sunlight can cause materials to deteriorate. This can result in the fading of paint, warping of plastics, and degradation of roofing materials. UV-resistant coatings and regular maintenance can help protect against these effects.


Hailstorms are a significant risk in continental climates. Hail can cause extensive damage to roofing, siding, and windows. Impact-resistant materials can help reduce the impact of hail damage.


Strong winds are another concern, as they can damage exterior surfaces, carry debris that can abrade materials, and create pressure differences that may force water into the building envelope. Properly designed and maintained siding, roofing, and sealing can help withstand wind-related stress.

Humidity Fluctuations

Continental climates often have low humidity in winter and higher humidity in summer. These fluctuations can affect the moisture content of building materials and contribute to cracking and warping. Proper insulation and ventilation can help manage indoor humidity levels.

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Elite Exteriors Know How to Protect Your Dwelling

To protect exterior surfaces in a continental climate like Minnesota, property owners should consider getting advice from Elite Exteriors–best among roofing contractors Rosemount MN

  • High-quality, weather-resistant building materials.
  • Adequate insulation and sealing to prevent air and moisture infiltration.
  • Proper ventilation to manage humidity levels.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance, especially before and after extreme weather events.
  • Snow and ice management strategies.
  • Impact-resistant roofing and siding materials.
  • UV-resistant coatings and finishes.
  • Proper drainage and gutter systems
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Count on Elite Exteriors for extra benefits that ensure Outstanding Results Elite Exteriors’ clients:

  1. Catch-All System
  2. White-Glove customer service/the “Elite Experience”
  3. Strong communications/CRM
  4. Special insights from our continuing education 
  5. Serving Rosemount roofing customers for over 20 years!
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Elite Knows How to Handle The Extremes

Extreme winter weather conditions like hail, ice dams, and heavy snow can have specific and often damaging effects on roofing, siding, and other home exteriors For Elite protection, choose the best roofing contractors Rosemount MN has to offer.

Unique Factors Posed by Roemont’s Winter-Related Issues


  • Impact Damage: Hailstones can vary in size, from small pellets to large chunks of ice. When they strike roofing materials such as asphalt shingles or siding, they can cause impact damage. This damage may include cracks, dents, and pitting, which can compromise the integrity of the surface.
  • Granule Loss: Hail can knock off the protective granules on asphalt shingles. These granules protect the shingles from UV radiation and help them shed water. Granule loss can shorten the lifespan of the roofing material and make it more vulnerable to other forms of damage.
  • Leakage: Severe hailstorms can create holes or punctures in roofing materials. Over time, these openings can allow water to infiltrate the roof, potentially leading to interior water damage, mold growth, and structural issues.

Ice Dams

  • Formation: Ice dams form when snow on the roof melts due to heat escaping from the interior of the home and then refreezes at the roof’s edge or in the gutters. This ice buildup can block proper drainage and create a dam that causes water to pool on the roof.
  • Roof Damage: The weight of ice dams, as well as the repeated freezing and thawing cycles, can stress roofing materials and potentially lead to damage, including cracked shingles, warped wood, and damaged flashing.
  • Water Infiltration: The trapped water behind ice dams can seep under shingles and penetrate the roof deck. This can result in water leakage into the attic and eventually the interior of the home, leading to water stains, insulation damage, and potential mold growth.

Heavy Snow

  • Structural Stress: Accumulating snow can exert significant weight on the roof structure. If the roof is not designed to handle heavy snow loads or if the snow is exceptionally deep and wet, it can lead to structural damage, such as roof sagging or, in extreme cases, a collapse.
  • Ice Buildup: As snow melts and refreezes, it can create ice dams (as mentioned earlier). Additionally, the weight of the snow can compress insulation and create conditions conducive to ice dam formation.
  • Gutter and Eave Damage: The weight of snow and ice can damage gutters and eaves, particularly if they are not properly maintained or if the snow and ice accumulate excessively.

To mitigate the effects of hail, ice dams, and heavy snow on roofing, siding, and home exteriors in areas with extreme winter weather, roofing customers should consider contacting the best roofing contractors Rosemount MN has to offer — Elite Exteriors!

  • Regular roof inspections and maintenance to identify and address damage promptly.
  • Proper insulation and ventilation to prevent ice dam formation.
  • Adequate attic insulation to minimize heat loss and reduce the risk of ice dams.
  • Gutter and downspout maintenance to ensure proper drainage.
  • Impact-resistant roofing materials in hail-prone regions.
  • Snow removal from roofs, as necessary, to prevent excessive weight and ice dam formation.

Reach out to the best roofing contractors Rosemount MN

Don’t ignore the risk factors of our extreme weather conditions, here in the Rosemount MN area. By having an honest contractor on your side, such as Elite Exteriors of Apple Valley MN, you can make your home or commercial property more impervious to hail, ice, and heavy snow, not to mention the heat and extreme UV rays of the Sun during our summer months. Contact us, Today

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